Friday, May 5, 2017

TARC Spring Classic 2017 Marathon Race Recap

Going to start using this blog for better notes after races.

I ran the TARC Spring Classic Marathon in Weston on 4/26/17 as a training run.  The race was 10K loops.   I felt strong enough to run the 50K but since I'm focused on my BQ at Sugarloaf, I did not push it that hard.  The weather was wet and cold.  My hands were freezing at the end, but it wasn't bad weather for my body to be running.

Overall, it was a great course on semi-familiar trails for me.  It was reasonably hilly and had a couple technical sections.  There was one section where you had to climb on rocks to avoid deep mud, which was kind of fun, good for fitness/training, but not so good for the time.  It was about 1400 feet in elevation change overall.  I enjoyed the board crossings as well.  

For the marathon group, we started with two extra .7 mile loops off to the side.  This was actually a problem - it left us behind everyone else in the race.  As a faster runner, this meant expending a lot of energy in the first lap and a half passing in tight quarters.  Though this was kind of fun, it would have been super annoying if I was actually trying to run for time or place.  I guess it serves me right for not doing the 50K given it was only 4.8 more miles.

My first five mile split averaged 8:04, but I was probably working at a 7:10-7:15 road pace to pass everyone.  Since this is a training run, I dialed it way back and targeted running 10Ks in the 50-52 minute range.  I felt some stomach distress during the 2nd lap (13.8 miles) stopped for a 2-3 minute potty and bathroom break.  This would be crushing if it happened at Sugarloaf.  I'd had a banana and PB&J for breakfast with water.  Nothing out of the ordinary so I was surprised I had the stomach issue.  Maybe it was the crappy pasta I had the night before.  Thinking if I should stick to rice.  Seems to be a bit better for me.

After 3 laps, I had a pretty good sense that the race leader in the marathon (Michael King) was way ahead of me.  At the end of the 3rd lap I saw the 2nd place runner had pulled out.  So I figured with a good pace, I'd safely cruise in for 2nd.  There were some runners in the 50K who seemed to be flying who I'd see at the brief two way traffic session.

I basically cruised in the last two laps, slowing down to chat a few times with 50K runners (camaraderie was great).

Result: 2nd place in 3:43:38 for the marathon.  4th best time in the 7 years the race has been run.

I think if I was focused on this race I could have run in the 3:30 range.  But had a blast and it was the perfect long training run for a sturdy battler like me.  I would love to come back and race the 50K next year.  

I stupidly biked this race.  The ride home was the most miserable 15 minutes of my life, LOL.


Garmin XT920 (did so-so in the woods - came out at 25.4 miles when I felt it was a fairly accurately measured 26.2 based on the GPS of others)
Hoka One One Clayton Red - These shoes are incredible.  I couldn't believe they performed this well on a wet trail race with some technical/rocky sections.    
Fluorescent Yellow Singlet (some arm chafing)
Blue nike shorts (A bit of groin area chafing)
8 Gus of mixed variety (Gu regular, Gu Roctane, Clif Espresso)
Hyrdation: Clif pink powder.  Did not do a good job drinking enough and need a better bottle strategy.  Lucky it wasn't warmer.
Craft waterproof windbreaker for the first lap only

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