Friday, August 12, 2011

42 meals in Sydney

I did some serious dining during my time in Sydney - a truly amazing culinary city. I basically tried to do some exploring, and also went down the TripAdvisor rankings to find the very best.

I forced ranked all of the restaurants I ate at - it's not definitive, since at most places, I only got to try a couple of dishes in a single visit. I did make two trips to Medusa (6x!), Longrain, Golden Century and Madang, so I'm confident of my strong ranking for those.


Medusa Greek Taverna
Fish at the Rocks
Golden Century

Very Good

Chinta Ria
Mure’s (Hobart)
Altitude at the Shangri-La
Billy Kwong’s
Garfish Manly
Lord Nelson Brewery
Xage Surrey Hills
Yee King Noodles


Fusion Café Marsfield
Mad Cow / Ivy
Sailor Thai
Christie’s at the Fish Market
Zaaffran BBQ & Fine Indian
Delima Indonesian
Peace Harmony Thai
Emperor’s Choice CBD
Chat Thai
Conservation Hut – Wentworth Falls
Phillip’s Foote
Menya Noodle Bar
Nicholas’ Seafoods at the Fish Market
Malaysian Laksa House QVB

Below My Bar

Smolt (Hobart)
Zozo Korean BBQ
Giovanni’s Restaurant and Pizzeria
Doyle’s at the Fish Market
Wok on Inn Darling Harbour
Adria’s Darling Harbour
Xic Lo Vietnamese (Chatswood)
Treis-Elies (Katoomba)
Katselis (Katoomba)