Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brookline Price Segmentation for Boston Red Sox Tickets

I think this is a brilliant little segmentation scheme that helps the City of Brookline maximize parking revenues. I'm pretty sure they've installed smart wireless meters that make this easy, which is a hot M2M topic I've been working on a lot at CSMG.

There's no way a Sox fan would leave in less than two hours to print a new ticket as a wireless meter would require. However, I suspect many will just pay the $22, which will still leave businesses without much parking. Either way, it's a better situation for the city than before.

From The Boston Globe:

Brookline will raise parking meter rates just in time to charge Red Sox fans $22 to park along a stretch of Beacon Street during the home-opening series against the New York Yankees in April.

Selectmen unanimously approved the special rates during Red Sox games near the St. Mary’s MBTA stop tonight, as well as other meter rate increases around the town that are expected to raise an additional $1 million a year in revenue.

The hikes approved by the board will charge motorists parking along the Beacon Street median from St. Mary’s to Hawes streets $1 per hour for the first two hours in a metered spot, and $10 per hour for an additional two hours, bringing the four-hour total to $22 on game nights. Motorists will also have to pay to park at the spots until 10 p.m.

The parking spots are a short walk from Fenway Park, and Brookline is making the move because merchants have complained that Red Sox fans take up all of the parking spots on game nights, leaving no where for other customers to park.

Selectmen also voted Tuesday to increase parking meter fees from 75 cents to $1 per hour in Brookline’s biggest commercial areas. The fee increases take effect April 1.

The special rates during the Red Sox games are expected to raise $35,000 a year for the town.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some links to check out

A couple links to check out:

An viewpoint I wrote on an out there, but real opportunity in advertising ringbacks. I know it sounds like it'd be the most annoying thing, but in some environments, it's a legitimate revenue or branding opportunity.

My brother Eric has a new blog on using lean in the Aerospace environment.

A couple friends of mine, Inaki and Andres, from MIT Sloan launched a cool new Facebook photosharing product at their startup Pixable.