Friday, December 25, 2009

Avoiding wire transfer fees from iTunes Connect

One of the big problems I had with iTunes Connect is that they charge me a wire fee every time I got an international transfer. This meant charges of $13 every month, times four or five for each international zone that hit the minimum.

Snooping around, wire-in charges seems to be pretty standard at banks. That actually seems insane to me, especially if it's a highly automated process, as I suspect the ones iTunes is sending is. While Apple could solve the problem by repatriating all earnings and just doing an EFT, I suspect there are some legal issues with this.

Until then, I have the iTunes payments flowing to my Fidelity MySmartCash account. I talked to them and they do not charge for wire transfers in. I also set up check-writing, so I suppose I will be using that as my account to pay our costs as well.

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