Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moca featured in Ashoka

Moca featured in Ashoka today:

And they only know the beginning of it. I'm working on something that I think will blow the doors off on tele-health.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Google Android App Discoverability is Dreadful

I just got a G1 today and I kind of wish I hadn't. I'd used various units for testing but never searched Android Market for my apps until I got my own phone today.

I have an app called PMConcepts - PMP Prep on the Android store.

Yet when you type in PMConcepts or PMP, Android Market says there are zero matches. I think I am going to pull my hair out. This platform has so much potential for developers, help us unlock it!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Google Android's multiple screen size support strategy

Looks like this Android's strategy to support multiple screensizes on different OEM phones....


We're writing to inform you about a couple changes to Android Market that
require your attention.

First, we have added the ability to target applications by carrier in all
countries. For example, if you are showing your app in the United States,
you can now choose among Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. If your
apps are intended for users of specific carriers, please go to the Android
Market developer website at (in the
Publishing Options section under Locations) and target your applications
to those carriers accordingly.

Second, Android Market will soon be available on devices with different
screen sizes. Until now, Android devices have only had "normal"-sized
screens, e.g., HVGA (320x480). The latest platform release, Android 1.6,
expands support for upcoming devices that cover three different screen
sizes: small, normal, and large. Please note that Android Market will
allow apps built with the Android 1.5 SDK (or lower) to show only on
normal- and large-screened devices. Android Market will allow apps built
with the Android 1.6 SDK to show on all three screen sizes. Therefore,
you will need to upgrade your app to Android 1.6 if you want it to also
show on small screen devices that will launch in the coming weeks. For
complete details on Android's support for different screen sizes and the
implications for your apps, we strongly recommend that you read the
Android Developers Blogpost at

Thanks, and we look forward to continue working with you on Android

The Android Market Team

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I worked on this summer...

This was the video Nicole Prowell did for the Moca's entry in the finals of the Lien i3 Challenge. I think it does a great job explaining why our solution to the rural tele-health problem is both compelling and important. We're waiting to hear whether we won or not. You'll notice I'm not in any of the shots. That's because I took most of the video. Let's just say Nicole is an amazing editor.

Moca Lien i3 video from nextlab on Vimeo.