Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life Lessons from an Insane Water Bottle

While I was in Manila, I bought a water bottle at Robinson's Department Store. I bought it because I liked the color, but later in the day, I actually read the inspirational slogans written on it. Unfortunately, it was really crappy and partially melted in the dishwasher. Before I toss it, I decided to type up the advice for posterity sake.

My personal favorite:

Children are the orgasm of life. Just like you did not know what an orgasm was before you had one, nature does not let you know how great children are until you actually have them.

Do one thing a day that scares you.

Observe a plant before and after watering and relate those benefits to your body and brain.

That which matters the least should never give way to that which matters the most.

Stress is related to 99% of all illness.

Take various vitamins. You never know what small mineral can eliminate the bottleneck to everlasting health.

Life is full of setbacks. (Gee...thanks...)

Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.

The world is changing at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement changes will leave you 2 steps behind.

Friends are more important than money.

Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.

Listen, listen, listen, and then ask strategic questions.

Do it now, do it now, do it now.

Write down your short and long-term GOALS four times a year. Two personal, two business, two health for the next 2, 5, and 10 years. Goal setting triggers your subconscious computer.

Move your body and your heart will follow.

Friends are more important than money.

Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.

Wake up and realize you are surrounded by amazing friends.

Don't trust that in old age a pension will be enough.

Drink fresh water and as much water as you can. Water flushes unwanted toxins from your body and keeps your brain sharp.

Creativity is maximized when you're living in the moment.

Nature wants us to be mediocre because we have a greater chance to survive and reproduce. Mediocre is as close to the bottom as it is to the top and will give you a lousy life.

Jealousy works the opposite way you want it to.

Communication is complicated. We are all raised in a different family with slightly different definitions of every word. An agreement is only an agreement if each party knows the conditions for satisfaction and time is set for satisfaction to occur.

Jealousy works the opposite way you want it to.

Dance, sing, floss and travel.

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