Monday, September 21, 2009

An iPhone app to help students get a job in strategy consulting

Every year around this time, the insanity starts for MBAs (and undergrads) trying to get consulting jobs and internships. People are chasing their dream job at McKinsey, Bain, BCG, or a boutique in the field of interest. It's kind of a wild process, with single case interviews and single questions in interviews determining where you end up. Having been through this a few times, I learned some of the ins and outs. It's a stressful process, and one where every edge counts.

I spent part of my summer before starting my full-time consulting job developing a iPhone/iPod touch app for strategy consulting case interview prep using my mobile apps company as a platform. It's now available on the iTunes store. It was more of a pet project than anything else.

I did it mainly by asking myself what type of review would be a helpful supplement to my case preparations. In the end, I settled on a combination of math, estimating and strategy questions. I ended up hiring a PhD in education to write some math questions, and writing most of the strategy questions myself. It was originally going to be around 100 questions, but I got so into I ended up doing 138.

I noticed that a lot of MBAs do have smart phones, and thought that they might want to take advantage of some of their downtime commuting or between classes to get that little extra edge. I see a lot of people on iPhones between classes (and sometimes flagrantly violating Sloan professional standards in a really boring class, ha ha).

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