Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ken Gergen and others on social networks

My college advisor Ken Gergen from Swarthmore's psychology department, talks in this USA today article about the "absent presence" (feeling connected with people through Twitter and the present absence (thumbing away on your iPhone at dinner).

As post-modernists, we're obligated to say that humans are becoming closer to cyborgs. A lot of things are written along these lines, and it's rare I even bother reading them anymore. If nothing else though, they're a good reminder that you need to put effort into making quality human connections.

My recent engagement got me thinking a lot about this. I'm not a phone person, and I have a pretty spread out network. It seems sometimes that I've traded depth of relationships for many less intimate ones. Part of this is my extensive travel, but it's also my own comfort with updating everyone through Twitter or Facebook than calling people. I rarely use more than one-third of the 450 minutes I get from AT&T.

Being uber-connected not a bad thing though, right? How else would I manage my network of 897 quality friends on Facebook?

Right. Time to pick up the phone, reach out and touch some old friends.

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