Sunday, July 19, 2009

Social health insurance schemes in the Philippines

The Batanes, the northernmost district of the Philippines has a very interesting form of social health care insurance. It is run by the provincial health organization as a supplemental scheme to the national PhilHealth insurance. Not everyone is mandated to pay as it is an opt-in scheme. Approximately 1,000 out of 3,000 households is enrolled. 92 pesos covers your whole household, including all people who live with you, even if they are say nieces or uncles. PhilHealth only covers the direct relatives.  

That was the price they decided on after a survey found that it would cost 50 pesos a month. Once paid in, the insurance covers up to 5,000 pesos for hospitalization for the whole family. It covers 500 for in-patient care.  

Interestingly, the insurance is largely sold by the Barangay Health Workers (a barangay is a small unit of government, think perhaps a village of a few hundred people.) There are 129 health workers (not bad in a population of 16,000).  

PhilHealth is automatic for those who are formally employed in tax-paying companies and the government, and costs 100 pesos per month. In the informal sector it is opt-in, though in many cases it has been extended by the government as a care-for-indigent people package.
In the Philippines, since PhilHealth is often insufficient, health care for those cannot pay is also covered out of the budgets of the Congressman, the governor and the municipalities.

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