Thursday, June 25, 2009

Greetings from the National Telehealth Center in Manila

I’ve arrived here in Manila, where I’m at the Philippines National Tele-Health Center (NTHC).  Just getting settled in here, but today I sat in on a meeting where doctors used Skype to prosthetics follow-up.  It was a local doctor and a prosthetics specialist here in Manila. 

I’m wondering whether Skype could be enhanced to be more of a tool for global tele-health.  It certainly has most of the telecommunications framework already present.  It’s a nice tool for communication with some (though not ideal) image capability between areas that are wired.  It won’t help us in our project in The Batanes, which is truly rural and has no Internet capability. 

I basically watched a nurse get taken through an entire procedure.  Telehealth might be one of the best ways for Skype to really make a dent into value added corporate services.

I’ll be taking a lot of notes on this trip and posting them intermittently.  It rained in Boston for about 15 straight days before I left.  Now I’ve arrived in Manila and it’s actually pouring due to a typhoon (!).  On Saturday, I head to the Batanes, which is notorious for having terrible whether.  Actually, it is a big part why it has remained so rural there.  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to a truly unique cultural experience, and getting to know the distinct Ivatan culture there.  

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