Monday, May 4, 2009

Sustainbility idea or budget difficulties?

Is this a sustainability idea or is the recession hitting MIT Sloan really hard?  Check out this letter from Dean David Schmittlein.  

I'm going with sustainability idea since the energetic pair of Adam Siegel and John Sterman isinvolved.  Thought I'd post it here since it's a good idea for a lot of other folks to do actually.  Reduce energy usage and conserve precious cash...

Dear Sloan students,


This Friday, May 8, I will host a weatherization party to seal E52's leaky windows.  I encourage students, faculty, and staff to join me and participate from noon to 4pm.  Sealing leaks, by caulking the windows, will reduce our energy bills, help us cope with today's financial difficulties, improve building comfort (in the summer and winter), and improve Sloan's environmental footprint.  You will also learn a valuable skill that you can take home with you.


When: Friday, May 8 from 12-4pm (Food will be served during our training session).  MIT facilities will provide all the training and equipment you need which includes water-based caulk (no chemical fumes).  Please come in comfortable work clothes.


Where: Training and lunch starts in E51-151



If you have difficulty with the link above, the Join the Sloan Caulking Project is located at:

Please email John Sterman  or Adam Siegel (MBA 09) if you have any questions.

Best regards to all,



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