Friday, May 8, 2009

iPhone Application Approval Process Tidbits

I've been trying to learn some about the iPhone application approval process.  Although I don't suspect my education focused applications that cross subsidize education in the developing world will have any trouble getting approved, I have some things in the pipeline for example that are more casual focused that won't be such slam dunks.  Here are some interesting and somewhat fun links about how now to get approved and what that can mean.  

Amazing: A $999.99 app called “I am rich” that got approved that does absolutely nothing.  I don't really object to this app so long as people are fully aware they won't get a refund and that it does nothing, which seemed to be stated pretty clearly.  I don't really see how this is that different from a woman buying a $3,000 handbag.

How the slow app approval process can kill companies:

Some of the reason why application developers hate Apple and the iPhone store:

List of killed iPhone apps (many of them deservedly so):


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