Monday, March 30, 2009

A tidbit on China's pork consumption

a"50% of the world's pork is eaten by Chinese people.  The other 50% is eaten by Chinese people outside of China." -Me, tongue-in-cheek about my relatives love of pork

Per capita actually, China ranks only 7th.  But the countries ahead of it are far more developed.  In 2006, China actually ate 52.5 million metric tons of the 98.9 million tons consumed world wide.  Go to dim sum and you'll understand why...

According to Wikipedia:
2006 worldwide pork consumption
 RegionMetric tons (millions)Per capita (kg)
1People's Republic of China52.540.0
3United States9.029.0
4Russian Federation2.618.1
Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, preliminary data for 2006.[8]

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