Sunday, March 8, 2009

A-Rod's injury can't be written off as unrelated to steroids

Staying on a sports theme, I do believe that the hip injury that Alex Rodriguez has at least a partial root in steroid usage.  Having been an athlete who has been around teammates who used performance enhancing substances, I have noticed an increased likelihood of injuries caused by torque.  That is exactly what the labrum injury is, a stressed induced injury from high torque from a powerful swing.  

Part of the reason why these injuries happen is the added muscle mass and explosiveness added by performance enhancing drugs results in added power and torque.  That's good for performance, but can cause more injuires of this type.  I've also seen athletes lose flexibility, and this doesn't help.

Apparently, there is also a cyst/steroid link as well.  I wonder how common hip cysts are in 33 year olds.  

Just my two cents on this issue.  

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