Friday, November 21, 2008

Prop 8 and the minority vote

This sums it up pretty well.  There were a number of reasons Proposition 8 passed, not the least of which was massive financial support from conservatives and Mormons flowing in at the last minute.  But we cannot forget that 70% of blacks who supported Obama voted for Prop 8.

For GLBT rights supporters like myself, this is going to be an issue for years to come as engagement from blacks, hispanics and other minority groups.  For reasons that are cultural, community-based, rooted in education and others are homophobic.   

This story isn't done - there will likely be a counter action against Prop 8, either a vote to reverse the law, or some other constitutional attack.  But fundamentally, there is a group of people who are now involved in the vote to decide the future of this issue who weren't before.  Involved yes, invested, I believe no.  In their communities, these issues are suppressed - so even if they know someone who is GLBT, it is likely many of these voters are not acknowledging it.  

It's important that GLBT rights supporters start building grassroots efforts to start reaching this bloc of voters now.  From a behavioral psychology standpoint, each time you ask someone to vote on something, it reinforces their view.  In this case, I do not believe it was a well understood decision by many.  In the future, it must be.  

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Mike said...

The largest demographic group that voted yes on 8 was 65+, not blacks. But the irony does strike a dissonant chord.