Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Google's top searches on election day

This post from the Google Blog about top searches on election day is super interesting. Not sure how Chuck Norris counts among the top political figures. Or really why anyone is Googling for him in any particular volume today.

It took me about an hour and a half to vote at the Nazzarro Center in the North End of Boston today. Not bad - there was an upbeat attitude about the whole deal. People were sharing newspapers and joking around about some of the ballot questions (in Mass this year it's greyhound racing, completely eliminating state income tax and decriminalizing marijuana).

It wasn't the most well planned out deal. A lot of the voting booths were empty. The bottleneck was that there was only one checklist of registered voters, so one woman had to check everyone in. She was nice enough about it, but not very fast. This is the system for every election I've voted in since I moved to the North End five years ago.

Here's a picture of the line at about 7:15 AM. Surprised that many people came out so early. As you can see, it's out past the Golden Goose.

Amazingly, I was Googling something totally unrelated and the 3rd most relevant link was this blog post about a couple who is going to every town in Massachusetts. Well, that's not really that amazing I guess, but what's amazing is that the town the specific post was talking about was my hometown of Weston, population 15,000 or so. The things people do with time on their hands (says the guy who is writing a blog post about that blog post).

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