Monday, November 10, 2008

A few anecdotes from business school

Tough Interview Question

One of the best interview questions I've gotten: "What product do you think is mispriced?" Definitely a tough question to answer on the spot. My response was digital music, which I kind of lucked into because the previous night I'd been at a case workshop and we'd been talking about Nokia's Comes With Music bundle. Thought I had a pretty good argument. Things I mentioned were the $.99 price the industry can't away from, the lack of bundling, the lack of flexibility in a la carte models, etc.

McKinsey and the Marines

Heard last week at Sloan:

Visiting Speaker: "Ah, based on what you just said, you must be ex-McKinsey."
MBA: "It's like the Marines. You're never really ex-McKinsey."

Job hunt update

Still a pretty ugly situation on the job front. A lot of first-round interviews, a lot fewer second rounds and even fewer offers. I'd say about 25% of companies that normally come to campus cancelled.

Solving problems in global health delivery

On to the subject of things I'm more excited about - I'll be in Tanzania working with the Mass Development Model to develop a scalable model for the treatment of HIV in the outskirts of Dar-es-Salaam. It's also looking like my trip may include a skip and a jump over to Lusaka to test out the mobile imaging diagnostics solution I've been working on. More on this later. We've decided to establish this as an open source software foundation and we'll be angling for a few grants to make it sustainable for the next year or two.

Asian-American: Demographics and the Glass Ceiling

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