Monday, September 29, 2008

MIT NextLab Video: Solving medical imaging workflow challenges in rural Zambia

Here is a video that illustrates the challenge we're working on with CIDRZ in Zambia. Great job by Nicole Prowell and Elliot Higger, our Emerson communications liasons on the project in the production of this video in framing the problem and presenting the team we have available.

Team Mobile Diagnostics Project 1 from Nicole Prowell on Vimeo.

I've previously posted on the solution we're coming with in these posts:

Workflow management for medical imaging in the developing world

Open innovation for developing world health care

And here's the website if you want to keep track of our project:

NextLab CIDRZ Mobile Diagnostics for Cervical Cancer in Zambia

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Don Blankenship said...

Distance Diagnostics through Digital Imaging. In other words, MIP has solved the challenge of sending information from the BridgeIT is a program that uses mobile phones to bring educational videos to rural classrooms - a mobile medical store or health facility) in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia.
Don Blankenship