Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bill Lumbergh is a MIT alum?

Just caught this today when I was watching Office Space for the 9,000th time. In one of the scenes with the two consultant Bobs, you catch a glimpse of his bio sheet. I thought I saw MIT on it. When I Googled around, you find out that Lumbergh has a BS and an MS in physics from MIT. Actually, that's pretty interesting. I don't know too many folks who are getting a master's - most people get PhDs. So maybe our friend decided to leave early for the corporate world, or he got the old terminal master's - where they unceremoniously boot you out of the PhD program right after you get your master's.

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Anonymous said...

I just noticed the same thing about MIT, but I also noticed that Bill is not wearing an MIT Class ring. His ring is round and has a stone on it, and the Brass Rat is angular and there is not stone.