Thursday, August 14, 2008

Open your heart to the "Long Chicken"

Here's an ad from downtown Madrid, a huge one for the Burger King "Long Chicken" sandwich. A strange use of an English name with a high unintentional comedy rating. Fits nicely with the Burger King slogan, "como tu quieras". Take the long chicken how you want it.

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Stan Jones@Kardella said...

Nice capture of pic! My kids would love to eat Burger King long chicken even without sauce. We can get healthy alternatives and nutrition facts on burger king.

Stan Jones ~Invitations and Wedding~

Cool Math Kids Games said...

Thanks for the Ads for burger king. I also love to eat this recipe. Wish I have it soon.

Mozy Code said...

Yummy! Indeed, you have a great post. Love it eat long chicken burger king.

Janet Cox - "Promotional Code for Mozy"

david said...

Yummy! This burger really interest me.
What are the different flavors offered by Burger King? But this Long Chicken sandwich really attractive!

David - Accelerated Nursing

Sciatica Exercises said...

Yes Stan, my kids also loves this recipe. I wanted to know all Burger King's delicious menu items. Just keep on posting updates then!

Blogger said...

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