Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fist bumps are totally American! Go Obama!

Yes, I know this blog is usually filled with neatly sectioned paragraphs about macroeconomics, NAFTA and open innovation models.

So folks are saying the strangest things about Barack Obama's fist bump with his wife. They're saying it's a black thing, it's a gangster thing, it's a tribute to terrorists...some are saying it's somehow un-American. People will try anything to play on conservatives fear these day. Anyhow, see below for evidence that Barack's fist bump is totally kosher.

I only met Warren Buffett once, but he gave me a fist bump. Who's more white and represents American capitalist ideals better than Warren Buffett? To me, you don't even need to scroll any further, this is conclusive evidence that Obama's just one step ahead of the curb.

And here's our old friend Dick Cheney giving one to the camera. Is he even still alive?

And here's Manny and Mike Lowell sharing their special moment. And Dice-K contributing his special Japanese blessing. No, I don't know what he's doing either.

This baby knows where it's at:

Click here to see how to fake the pre-fight fist bump of respect and then humiliate yourself for all time by not even knocking the guy out.

I'm pretty sure she would do a better job than the UFC guy:

Here's Harry Connick, Jr., a 2nd generation American mediocre performer:

Maybe it an un-American terrorist act after all. Although Hideki is doing a better job than Dice-K.

Feel free to add your own fist bumps in the comments sections. Time for me to get back to paperwork...

PS No, I couldn't find any Jews fist bumping, which would have proved that Israeli national security is safe in the hands of Barack Obama. I welcome a submission. But other Hideki Matsui, I couldn't find any evil doers fist bumping either.

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