Thursday, June 26, 2008 starts to get the word out...

Some publicity for a fascinating side project I've been working for with a highly skilled mixed media artist named Bob Barancik.

I like how I'm described, an "Internet whiz".

"Zito isn’t the only one in Maine harnessing the powers of the Internet for creative fusion. Maine residents Bob Barancik and Amy Blake recently developed, the online front for their Long Island studio in the middle of Casco Bay. For several years, Barancik and Blake have hosted the CreativeShare gathering on nearby Peaks Island, aimed at releasing inventive energies, allowing for artistic networking, and basically enjoying the company of other creative types. Now, they hope that, which they made with the help of an MIT Internet whiz named Ted Chan, will promote the same type of interdisciplinary collaboration, on a larger scale."

We rolled out some of the core features of last month, but we're still planning and plotting how we're going to make it a true haven for artists to come together and create. Early on, we focused this project on creating some buzz for the inner circle of CreativeLedge collaborators, but now we are realizing this project has the power to bring a lot of people together for the sake of artistic endeavours.

It's great to take on a project every now and then that you wouldn't otherwise do.

Here's a video called Mundo Caliente, a creative response to global warming as an example of the type of work the collaborations at Creative Ledge are creating.

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