Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A plug for Eventbrite event management services

I've been planning the retirement dinner of Weston Wrestling Coach Dave Baldanza and assistant Kevin Thomas. I think event planning has been interesting evolution on the web. I've used some rather forgettable ticket management services over the years. I've found one that I think is fairly good at this point: Eventbrite.

It's very easy and intuitive to use, has great functionality to get the word out about the event and fantastic reporting capabilities.

It does cost a bit more than I would like it to (2.5% is fair for EventBrite, but then Paypal takes another sizable chunk out of it.) If a ticketer could integrate their own deposit account without Paypal taking a huge chunk, that would be a big deal for me. I imagine that would be a huge selling point for event planners as well. When you're dealing with enough events and transactions, it works out.

Nevertheless, EventBrite is a really well done service and I highly recommend it.

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