Thursday, February 14, 2008

Inspiration from a Legend - A Chat with Gideon Gartner

Professor Ed Roberts arranged an especially inspiring talk on Tuesday with Gideon Gartner, the technology research legend. As those of you who have sat next to me know, I never take notes, but Gartner inspired me to write down a few.

Some highlights are below, besides old rival Howard Anderson (former CEO of Yankee Group) showing up and Gideon talking a little bit of friendly smack to him. Too bad George Colony from Forrester (who seems like a gunner from the one time I played low-stakes poker with him) wasn't there to throw fuel on the fire.

Gideon recommended Ronald Cohen's The Second Bounce of the Ball, which I intend to pickup first chance I get.

Here are Gideon Gartner's 8 pieces of advice for an entrepreneur:

1) Overcome obstacles (there will be plenty)
2) Question the status quo
3) Be opportunistic
4) Be a resilient risk taker
5) Be a change agent
6) Be different
7) Be creative
8) Networking is really important

Gartner's research process:

1) Scan the large universe of what data is out there.
2) Look for patterns.
3) Create research and present it the group (something he called a stalking horse) using a pictorial representation (hence the genesis of much of Gartner's great research visualization).

He clearly thought that the brouhaha over magic quadrants is a little over the top. To close, Gideon said about the squawking and tech CEOs in their boardrooms talking about inching up on the Magic Quadrant. "The marketplace out there is really not that bright."

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