Sunday, December 16, 2007

BusinessWeek article on IvyPlus use of returns

Here's the BusinessWeek article where many of the sentiments in the last post followed from.

It's not just responsibly investing the money, it's how you use the returns. There's no open and shut right and wrong here. At the end of the day, a business approach has helped take many of these schools to the top and keep them there. By building better dorms (Whitman at Princeton) and better student centers (like Stata at MIT), they can edge out other elite schools for top students. You've got to show well.

What schools should be judged on, prestige, rankings, research output, quality of education...those who make the donations get a lot of say in that. I think down the road, if it happens that I do allright for myself, I will not leave it entirely to the discretion of Swarthmore or MIT on how to invest that money...

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