Thursday, December 20, 2007

Amazon Kindle...a quantum leap in electronic reading?

I actually prefer to read things on screen rather than in books. Anyone who has almost hit me with their car or bike on my walk to school knows that I read constantly. I read a lot on phone, but that's generally web articles and a little painful. In low light, it's nice to have the lit screen and no pages to turn, especially if you've ever seen me fumbling around with The Economist crossing North Washington Street. The problem is the small amount of content you can get on one page, the constant scrolling and the lack of a standard format for content.

I've been interested in getting a portable or wireless reading device for some time now and I knew that Amazon had a product in the pipeline.

And here it is...Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device

Well, looks like a good start, especially the reasonable charges for books and the availability of content. Plus, it saves paper, which is a huge plus for people like me, especially considering I read no less than 8 magazines a month. $400 is steep though. The future of reading is going to be a model like this, but the price is a little high for me to be a first adopter. I probably wouldn't have said that if I wasn't a student though...

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